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If you’re in charge of organizing a grad night then you’re dedicated to providing a safe, well planned and well executed event.  Furthermore, you’re challenged with creating an event that will give the seniors a memory they’ll carry will them forever.
  Magic is popular and unique! If you’ve watched TV lately you know that magicians have been enjoying a lot of attention. However it’s rare to get to see it happen in person…right in front of your eyes!
  Michael’s unique style and award winning comedy has been entertaining audiences of all ages since 1990. His performances are always "family friendly" and hilarious.
  The audience members are the stars of the show as the seniors actually get to participate in making the magic happen. It’s an experience that’s amazing and unforgettable!
Grad night entertainment  By combining his warm personality and sense of humor with respectful audience participation the stage is set for a great show! People are drawn in, they feel comfortable and begin to realize that they are about to be a part of something special. Then the incredible, mind blowing magic completely astounds and entertains them - that's Grad Night Magic!
  The experience is powerful and memorable - so much so that
over 90% of Michael’s business comes from referral and repeat bookings!
  Here’s something that will make your job much easier: Michael’s shows are self contained and will fit seamlessly into other activities you may have planned.


Seven Reasons To Use Mike For Your Event

1. It's Unique. Magic is hot! Look at the television schedule or surf the net and you will see that magic is in the spotlight. Ironically people rarely get a chance to see it live.  Your guests will be spellbound as they witness the magic taking place right in front of them!

2. Professional Needs Assessment. An invaluable feature: Every event is not the same! Based on your description of the party we will suggest the perfect entertainment package just for you.

3. Clean Humor. You’ll be thrilled as you hear the students laugh and see all the smiles during very funny and family friendly presentations. 

4. Something for everyone. Students come from many different backgrounds but one thing is universal: They love to have fun! Mike's performances break down barriers and get everyone involved.

5. Audience Participation. Participants from the audience are in for a wild ride and will be eagerly telling their friends and parents about the great time they had.

6. Audience Approved, Time Tested. Mike has performed in comedy clubs, colleges, high schools and many other venues since 1990. His referral rate and longevity speak for themselves. However YOU can be sure he's good because of reason #7 :

7. Guaranteed Results If you are not completely satisfied with the show, you won’t pay. It’s a simple money back guarantee offered with confidence: Of the thousands of programs presented no one has ever requested their money back. You're given this guarantee so you can feel completely confident in your decision. 



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